Why Emotional Literacy?


Emotional literacy is the ability to identify, understand, and respond to emotions in oneself and others in appropriate and healthy way. It is easy to label emotions as good or bad, but it is important to help children understand that all emotions are valuable in that they can inform us of situations that we might want to change or avoid.

Emotional literacy is essential to long-term success at home, in school, and throughout life.  It can improve quality of life for children as they will feel more empowered by understanding emotions, which can sometimes be confusing, even for adults.

Emotional literacy is not just about knowing the definition of each emotion.

It involves:

  • Identifying the emotion
  • Recognizing emotions in oneself
  • Knowing ways to manage and regulate emotions, and
  • Empathizing with others

See how Happy, Sad, & Everything In Between: All About My Feelings can help you introduce emotional literacy to your child!


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